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U Shaped Steel Roll Forming Machine

we can supply different kinds of roll forming machines .manufacturers and suppliers Various ▷ U Channel roll forming machine | Ceiling furring channel ◁. The U Channel Making Machine is specially designed to manufacture high-quality Side channel / U channels. We specialize in making all types and sizes of U channel machines and also customized ones as per client’s need. Our Steel U Profile Roll Forming Machine Are Favored By Customers All Over The World, Welcome To Buy Ceiling Channel Roll Forming Machine From Us! This machine has been exported to many countries, the most important is that all you need can be customized.



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Multi Size U Profile Roll Forming Machine

This cold roll forming machine is designed to produce steel U channel sections with galvanized steel coils. multi size of u channel sections can be roll formed. The finest range of Roll Forming Machine made available by us in the market that is manufactured in compliance with the set industry norms and guidelines.

U Channel Terms :

U Channel Depth: The distance from the top and bottom surface of the steel

Flange Height: The top and bottom flat horizontal sections Web Thickness: The thickness of the vertical center section of a channel

Fillet radius: The curved portion, where the inside transition between the web and flange occurs is called a fillet. The radius of the fillet is called the fillet radius. Steel Channel is a cold Rolling product.

Steel U Channel has the following application :

  • Structural Channel – Used in varied construction and manufacturing projects.
  • Ship & Car Channel – A set of sizes that were developed for the use in the construction of Marine Vessels and Automobiles.
  • Stair Stringer Channel – A set of sizes that were developed for the use in the construction of Stair Casings U-Channel or Bar Channel – A set of smaller channel sizes.
Galvanized Steel U Channel Roll Forming Machine

Galvanized Steel U Channel Making Machine

U channels are suitable for use in structural applications or engineering, offering properties such as increased strength and durability and are typically used to support floor joists. We supply U channel steel roll forming machine sections for industrial and construction applications. Steel U Track Roll Forming Machine available include bespoke and standard channels. Steel U channel is light and strong and is available in both deep and shallow channels. Contact our team for more information about Ceiling Channel Roll Forming Machine.LOTOS COMPANY can produce following U-shape Ceiling Channel Roll Forming Machine: U36 Profile Roll Forming Machine or U55 Channel Truss Furring Cold Forming Machine or Full Automatic U60 Channel Roll Forming Machine or Galvanized Steel U80 Channel Roll Forming Machine

U profile roll forming machine

Summary Steel U-Shape Ceiling Channel Roll Forming Machine

  • Material: Galvanized Coil
  • Material Thickness: 1.5-3mm
  • Main roll forming machine Power: 11 KW
  • Forming Speed: 5-10m/min
  • Production line length: about 12m
  • Dimension: 7×0.8×0.9 m (L*W*H)
  • Weight: 5-7 T

Main Parts Ceiling U Channel Machine

  • Manual 3T un coiler
  • Feeding Guide
  • Roll Forming System
  • Hydraulic Cutting
  • Control system
  • Output table

Working Flowing High-Speed U Roll Forming Machine

Manual Un coiler      —>     Feeding        —>     Roll Forming      —>     Cutting     —> Output table




Ceiling Channels roll forming machine
Galvanized Steel U Channel Roll Forming Machine

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