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LOTOS provides a complete line for ▷ Steel Stud Roll Forming Machine | Light Gauge Steel Framing 2O19 ◁. Studs roll forming machine, metal stud making machine, Furring Channels roll forming machine, Ceiling Channels roll forming machine, and steel frame roll forming machine are among the range of production line produced to service the drywall installers. Our steel framing machine Are Favored By Customers All Over The World, Welcome To Buy metal stud forming machine From Us!



Steel Stud Manufacturing

Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine

LOTOS is the china’s supplier in manufacturing Industrial Level Steel Stud and Track Roll forming lines, Stud and runner roll forming machine engineered to produce a wide range of profiles steel framing components, steel stud machine roll forms steel stud, and track members for use in wall, floor and truss framing. Metal Profile Stud & track for partition system is made of galvanized steel, including Stud, Track, C-Channel, Corner bead & accessories.


Stud and Track Roll forming lines

CAD/CAM Roll forming Machine

LOTOS design CAD/CAM Roll forming machine for the target of producing Light Steel Framing. Each part is dimpled and notched with the holes ready to accept fasteners so that components self-clip together with no clamping. This design enables to snap the parts together, add the fasteners and have a completed frame. We design CAD/CAM Roll forming machine for the purpose of producing light steel framing.

CADCAM LSF- Light Steel Frame

Light Steel Framing Machine

Light Gauge Steel Framing :

light gauge steel framing for building application. LOTOSFORMING is a steel stud manufacturing of steel stud roll forming machine. We produce steel framing machine that is suited for any type of projects. Residential or industrial projects, topping up, renovation or modular, With light steel frame technology building becomes fast, easy, and above all cost-effective.
Our metal stud machine for sale are well suited for any type of construction project. building with a Light Steel Framing is an innovative solution with numerous applications. projects.


  • They are light and allow quick building without heavy tools or equipment.
  • Their higher strength allows greater spacing between members when compared to wood frame construction.
  • It is easy to change or modify this construction at any point in its lifespan.
  • There is a great range of systems and products catering to this type of construction.
  • Light gauge steel structures are non-combustible, which is a code requirement for some types of structures.
  • Light gauge steel structures do not rot, shrink, warp, or decompose like wood structures, and can be used in areas where there is a probability of termite attack.

LOTOS Building Light gauge steel framing roll forming machine, fully automatic, hydraulic system, with the tolerance of punching is ±0.5mm.A process on roll forming line for screw hole, chamfer, web through a hole, small side shear, pipeline hole, web necking, shear, web foundation hole, etc.

Ceiling Channels roll forming machine

stud and track roll forming machine Technical Proposal

  • Summary of Steel Stud and Track Roll forming lines

Material: Galvanized Coil

Material Thickness: 0.5-0.9mm

Main roll forming machine Power: 5.5KW

Forming Speed: 25-30m/min

Dimension: 6×0.7×0.8 m (L*W*H)

  • Main Parts Drywall Metal Profile Roll Forming Machine
  1. Manual un coiler
  2. Feeding Guide
  3. Roll Forming System
  4. Hydraulic Cutting
  5. Control system
  6. Output table
  • Working Flowing LSF Structure Roll Forming Machine

Manual Un coiler    —>       Feeding       —>      Roll Forming    —>      Cutting   —>  Output table

Ceiling Channels roll forming machine
Technical Proposal About Steel Structures Roll Forming Machine
Un coiler TypeManual
Loading capacity2Ton
Axis Diameter50 mm
Main Axis materialFirst grade 45# steel heated and quenched
Forming Speed20-15 m/min
Machine Frame standWelded structural steel
Cutting typeServo tracking cutting
Stud and Track Roll forming lines

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