Roll-up Shutter Door

In the previous generations, most shops and garages were closed by handmade steel bar doors or corrugated sheet doors. After ROLL FORMING MACHINE comes up to produce door shutter, all doors are changed to shutter slats. It has so many advantages from old style doors. That here, we explain some good point of Roll-up Shutter Door.

China Supplier Roller Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine

Shutter Door Repairs

  • shutter door producing is more fast and easy by shutter roll forming machine; with any rolling shutter door details, shutter roll forming machine can produce within 10 minutes.
  • Installation for metal shutter door is faster and easy than old doors. Shutter and shutter joined together, and make various height for any Garage Shutter Doors.
  • For using: open and close doors, it’s so fast and convinces with roll-up shutter door with tubular motor;
  • Shutter Door Repairs just check the shutter one by one, only need to change the damaged shutter, not necessary for whole doors replacement.

  • Not limited with listed advantages, but more benefit will be discovered during daily usage of ROLLING SHUTTER DOORS.


Rolling Shutter Slats Roll Forming Machine


Different types of Door Shutters:

In LOTOSFORMING MANUFACTURE, we mostly do door shutter design based on customer’s requirement, and shutter joint safety standard. But here, we wanna explain some global well-recognized door shutters:

  • Perforated Roller Shutter: it’s applied punch before forming step;
  • PolyurethaneFoamed Door Shutter: it’s applied PU Foam inside of shutter, it’s good for Fire-Proof and Sound-Proof. Less noise during rolling up and down;
  • Single Layer Rolling Shutter Door: in different door shutter design, such as shutter width and shutter section drawing.

Window shutter roll forming machine


Roller Shutter Doors producing:

All steel roller shutter is produced by Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine. In LOTOSFORMING, we use several types of rolling shutter machines based on shutter drawing.

  • Chain Transmission Rolling Shutter Machine;
  • Gearbox Transmission PU FOAMED Door Shutter Roll Forming Machine.

Up to Door Shutter Design, LOTOSFORMING engineers design proper rollers and forming steps according to shutter design.


roll forming machine door shutter


Roller Shutter Doors Manufactures

should have a long history on design and produce rolling shutter machines to satisfy the standard requirement for final Foamed Shutters.

LOTOSFORMING ROLL FORMING Machine Manufacture has more than 50-year remarkable experience on Rolling Shutter Making Machine

Shutter Patti Machine is including decoiler, forming stations, hydraulic cutting unit, and PLC control system, and finished output table.

For Rolling Shutter Raw Material, different material could be applied, such as aluminum, galvanized(GI), color coated steel (PPGI) and PVC coated steel, and stainless steel (S.S) and so on.


Mostly, Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine, LOTOSFORMING install lubrication oil feeding device on the roll forming machine input, to mop the material with rollers to protect shutters material coated surface.

For any further question and inquiry, for shutter roll forming machine design and proposal, you may feel free to contract with LOTOSFORMING Roll Forming Machine Manufacture.

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production line of stainless steel clad tube mill

Rolling mill for tube and square profile :

welded pipe and square forming machine


Here is a proposal for welded pipe or square profile also called tube mill production line. Tube mill production line as you can see from name included several different parts and machine to become a complete line.

what is tube mill

tube mill production line

1-Decoiler: Tube mill line will start from Decoiler, to open steel coil to a sheet for forming and processing. uncoiler or Decoiler has several different types: HYDRAULIC or MANUAL or MECHANICAL or SINGLE SIDE or DOUBLE SIDE, AND SO ON SO MOSTLY LOTOSFORMING uses double side hydraulic uncoiler (figure 1) for tube mill production line.


welded tube mill

double head hydraulic uncoiler


Tube manufacturing processes for seamless and welded tubes


2- shearing and butt welding machine: after decoiling steel coil mostly line has shearing and butt welding machine (figure 2). its simple and small machine for shears the end of steel strips and welded both sides of steel strips to make tube mill line continuously. Also, some line does shearing and welding without a machine, with simple welding tools.



shearing and butt welding machine

shearing and butt welding machine


3- steel raw material accumulator: its mostly use for storage steel strips before forming because forming speed and working is not same all times and raw material should have stable feeding for continues welding and processing. Tube mill line accumulating from LOTOS has 2 different styles.

horizontal accumulator

horizontal accumulator

A: horizontal round material accumulating (Figure 3) that has 2 AC motor, one for feeding steel strips from decoiler and secondary for driving accumulating, estimate OD of this part of tube mill line is 5 meter.

vertical accumulator

vertical accumulator

B: Vertical material accumulator(figure 4) it also has 2 AC motor, one for feeding raw material from decoiler to accumulator and another one for driving material accumulator. Selecting accumulator is based on customer producing area and budget.


Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube Manufacturing Process

4- forming stations (figure 5): this part of tube mill line is similar with Roll forming machines, but except horizontal shaft and roller it also forms material by vertical roller, to make tube shape and ready for welding. LOTOSFORMING mostly use 7-10 stations drive by heavy gears for forming.


forming stations

forming stations


5- pre-welding Guide and squeeze roller (figure 6): this station is really important to make straight steel pipe seam for welding. this part make sure pipe seem to inter to welding position flatly, and squeeze roller make pressure both side of the tube to ensure the seam gap.

guide and scraper

guide and scraper


6- high-frequency welding: as you know this kind of welding is without electrode by high-frequency welding (figure 7) HF WELDER has several type by power LOTOS FORMING USE 200-400 ampere. this part of tube mill line includes serval different parts, such as Overall control table, Speed adjustor, Rectifier cabinet, Inverter output cabinet, Water-water cooling device (air-water cooling device) and so on plz refer figure 8 for all parts.

high frequency welding accessories

high-frequency welding accessories

squeeze roll and welding induction coil

squeeze roll and welding induction coil



7- scraper tools: to scrap welded seam, we can also scrap inside and outside of the tube to have a smooth surface for welded tubes.

8: Zinc spraying machine(Figure9): this is optional for customers, but for making galvanized tube mill by galvanized steel we add zinc spraying machine after HF welding to coat the welding seam by Zinc spray.

This machine uses zinc wire diameter 1.5-3 mm to MELT and spray zinc on the welded seam.

 zinc spraying machine

zinc spraying machine


Tube making process

10- Sizing stations (Figure 10): formed pipe after welding come to sizing stations to control size accuracy. Also for making the square profile in this station, we form welded pipe to various square profile. all horizontal and vertical roll stand drives by Spiral bevel gear, by a separate 40Cr shaft. (structure same as forming device).

sizing stations

sizing stations


11- final straightening (Figure 11): these 2 stations straight pipe or profile by Turk’s head type, and 360°rotary after sizing to reach the required straightness before cutting.


final straightening  by 2 Turk’s head

final straightening
by 2 Turk’s head


12: CNC controlled cold cutting saw: by tube mill forming speed near 70 meters per minute we definitely need flying the cutting saw to reach back point on this speed. LOTOSFORMING has 2 types of the cutting saw: one is normal another is a cold cutting unit.

Cold cutting unit advantages it makes a finished profile without burr, to has the best accuracy and less cutting noise some industry required cold cutting saw (figure 12).

cold cutting unit for tube mill production line

cold cutting unit for tube mill production line


13: run out table and packing system: finally after all processing to make steel tube or steel square profile we go to pack products for storage and shipping. LOTOS FORMING has several different packing systems for tube mills line, it’s up to customer requirement. here you can see the picture of automatic run out table and packing unit for square profiles. ( figure 13)


automatic packing system for tube mill lines

automatic packing system for tube mill lines



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