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Roll slitting is a shearing operation that cuts a large roll of material into narrower rolls. There are two types of slitting: log slitting and rewind slitting.

 In log slitting the roll of material is treated as a whole and one or more slices are taken from it without an unrolling/re-reeling process.

In rewind slitting the web is unwound and run through the machine, passing through knives or lasers, before being rewound on one or more shafts to form narrower rolls.For rewind slitting the machine used is called a slitter rewinder, a slitter or a slitting machine

LOTOS slitter machine is designed to easily integrate with new or existing equipment. All of these units feature mounting holes for added convenience and various options for ease of use. Equipped with precision top and bottom shafts and a state-of-the-art locking system, blades can be quickly and easily adjusted or changed and secured back in place to accommodate different width cuts. Roll slitting machine for sales is applicable to coils of various specifications. It is used for slitting the coil into required width for the use of punch line through the procedure of uncoiling, pre-leveling, cropping, slitting and recoiling. It has advantages such as proper layout, easy operation, highly automated and high production efficiency.

Metal sheets or strips suppliers always need slitting machine and cut to length machine line for the production of metal sheets with different widths or lengths from GI, PPGI, or stainless coils in large quantities. A steel mill most of time produces only wide steel coils, and steel or metal fabricators always use a slitting and cut to length machine line to manufacture steel strips with different widths or metal sheets with fixed lengths. A metal slitting machine line has been designed to cut longitudinally the wide steel coils into different narrow steel strips for continuously producing cold formed sectional steel products. Basically there are two types: high-speed and normal-speed slitting machine line. High-speed slitter can works at max speed over 150 m/minute and over 10 strips can be produced; while a normal-speed slitting machine can work at most 40m/min with less than 10 strips slit.

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Steel Slitting Line can cut the wide steel coils into different narrow steel strips at different speeds. Contact us for best slitting machine

The slitting line for cutting narrow coils from main coils. For widths of up to 3000 mm, thicknesses of up to 25 mm and speeds of up to 200 m/min.

The lines are composed of high-precision slitters with quick tooling change for slitter, tensioning device and recoiler. High-capacity recoilers. Extraction from coils without banding. Scrap ballers or scrap choppers. Moving tensioning devices with incorporated leveling.

Totally computer-controlled with diagnosis, automatic coil feed, and quality control.

For carbon steel, exposed and non exposed materials, stainless steel, pre-painted steel, aluminum and other metals.





Slitting Machine

Main technical parameters slitting machine





coil parameters



Carbon steel and galvanized steel

Tensile strength


Steel thickness



Steel width


Steel coil I.D

φ480-520 mm

Steel coil O.D


Steel coil weight



Slitter parameters

knife pivot diameter

Ф200 mm

Knife pivot material


Blades specification


Blade material


Slit parameter

Max slit quantity

40 pcs (0.15mm)

Width precision





Other parameters



Line speed



180 Kw

Whole line Dimension


Operator needed

1 mechanical engineer ,2 common workers

Line direction

From right to left(Face to machine)

Machine color

White grey


Overflowc slitting

From right to left are: Entry coil car→Decoiler →Press and pinch device→Hydraulic cutter→Looper 1→Side guide device→ Slitter→Scrap winder→Looper 2→Tension stand →Recoielr→Exit coil car

Composed device slitting





Entry coil car

1 unit


Hydraulic Decoiler

1 unit


Hydraulic Press and pinch device

1 unit


Hydraulic cutter

1 unit


Looper 1

1 unit


Side guide device

1 unit



1 unit


Scrap winder

1 unit


Looper 2

1 unit


Tension stand

1 unit



1 unit


Exit coil car

1 unit


Hydraulic system

1 set


Electrical system

1 set




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