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Roll Forming Machine: door shutter roll forming machine movie

A roll forming machine can do automatic jobs of bending, cutting, pressing for holes and slots, and straightening etc . Roll forming machines are available that produce shapes of different sizes

and material thicknesses using the same rolls . welcome any profile to design and produce Roll forming perfect machine Including shutter door roll forming machine

We manufacture roll forming machine for door shutter in order to provide the clients optimum satisfaction . Roll Forming Machine Aluminum Roller Shutter Door  for Hydraulic Pump Machine, China roll forming machine . Welcome to buy roll forming machine products with lotos forming.Wide Range of Shutter door roll forming machines

Manufacturer of Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine, Cost Effective Solutions. Customzied Design, Patented Technology, 24 Hours' Service, Fast Delivery, Factory Price! Fully Automatic. High Quality Assurance.The constant attention to the rolling forming market, together with the desire to always improve the roll forming machine production, resulting in the improvement of services and the expansion of its research and development department.

Door shutter forming machine roll forming machine for door shutter roll forming machine Finger Protection

lotos company is committed to increasing its presence in the world of roll form machines and it is working to improve its metal roll former sales network

Wuxi LOTOS Roll Forming Machinery Manufacturing is one of professional Door shutter roll forming machine factory in China, we can supply different kinds of roll forming machines for different steel doors.

If you have yourself door design, show us your design drawing, good suggestion can be given out by our engineer; if you don't have any idea about your new project, some professional idea can be get from us.

We offering you to an outstanding quality range of Door shutter forming machine. These Door shutter forming machines can be customized as per customer requirement based. These Door shutter forming machine are Mostly known for its stability and superiority. Our Door shutter forming machines can be availed at best competitive rates.Door Shutter Forming Machine

  • Material: Color Galvanized Coil, Aluminum

  • Material Thickness: 0.3-0.5 mm

  • Main roll forming machine Power: 11 KW SIEMENS

  • Forming Speed: 10-12 m/min

  • Feeding width: 229 mm

  • Dimension: 36×1.6×1 m (L*W*H)


Advantages of Roller Shutters

1: reduction noise

For apartment and building close to downtown and busy city, the roller shutters reduce your stress level by reducing the noise, also for residence near Airport or railway station living PU Foam Roller Shutters can reduce the noise from 40 to 70 percent.

2: Light,sun and air control

Pu foam Roller shutters also control over the amount of light and sun shine that enters the room..

Pu foam Roller shutters give you control over air flow into your house. You can open the roller shutters for allowing fresh air come through the windows or door. Pu foam Roller shutters also give you control over your room privacy. Pu Foam Roller Shutters are highly recommended to those are located in noisy Area. near airports. Noise pollution affects everyone in our daily life, Aluminium and PPGI PU Foam roller window roller shutters are designed to reduce or control the noise up to 50%. it may also be the worry about outsiders peeking in your home. Whether your bedroom, lounge room or kitchen is facing the road, with pu foam roller shutters installed, will give you the peace of mind.


3: Saving Energy

65% of your heat and 40% of your air conditioning is leaving your home through your doors and windows — and that is only if they are in good condition without pu foam window and door shutters,

The advantages for the rolling shutters as residents attempt to offset soaring power bills, especially in the past five years.

By using pu foam roller shutter for your windows and doors you can save up to 40 % your bills cost and wasting energy,

The use of pu foam roller  window shutters in cold and warm area, is really energy savings for heating and cooling, therefore reducing energy bills for consumers and also a reduction in greenhouse emissions. The pu foam window roller shutters provide an environmentally friendly & energy-saving cost-efficient solution to heat loss in winter and summer heat gain.

4: safety against break-in

The main benefit of pu foam roller shutters is that they provide security to your home from intruders. It’s hard to remove the roller shutters by intruders because the roller shutters are very closely fitted to the door or window and cannot be pulled away without a great deal of effort. As well as being an excellent physical deterrent, they are also a brilliant visual deterrent as would be intruders see the shutters and decide that it is not worth the effort of trying to gain entry to your home, going elsewhere instead. So, this gives you more security from intruders as it becomes physical deterrent for the intruders. Pu foam Roller Shutters protect your home and family against threats such as burglary and vandalism by making it difficult for intruders to access your windows and doors. Once the roller shutter is in closed position, its very hard for some to open the roller shutter from outside.

Applications of Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are used for various purposes and their applications are ample. They are used for garages, vans, kitchens, prisons, warehouses, schools and more. The inherent benefits of security have also made many local governments to subsidize for these shutters. It is not only for commercial purposes, but also widely used for residential purposes.

Different type of shutters

Built – on and Built- in Roller doors:

In built-on type, the roller shutter box is fixed to the exterior region of building facade, whereas, with built –in, the box is built into lintel above window


Main Parts PU Door Shutter Forming Machine


  1. Manual Decoiler 
  2. Roll Forming System
  3. Hydraulic cutter
  4. Control system
  5. Output table


Working Flowing PU Door Shutter Forming Machine


Door Shutter Forming Machine

Technical Dat PU Door Shutter Forming Machine


Un coiler  PU Door Shutter Machine

Un coiler Type


Door Shutter Forming Machine

Loading capacity


Impassive to expanding

Roll Forming system with feed panel unit PU Door Shutter Machine

Axis Diameter

60 mm

Pu Foam Door Shutter Forming Machine

Forming Roller station

36+1 groups

Main Axis material


First grade 45# steel

heated and quenched

Roller material

First grade 45# steel,

Hard Chrome Coated,

heated and quenched

Pillar size


Forming Speed

10-12 m/min

Drive Type


Gear box

Machine Frame stand

Welded structural steel,

thickness 12mm

 Hydraulic Cutting Device PU Door Shutter Machine

Cutting type

Hydraulic stop cutter

Pu Foam Door Shutter Forming Machine

Cutting system power


Cutting length tolerance


Electrical System PU Door Shutter Machine

PLC system


Door Shutter Forming Machine

Length Controller



Touch Screen





Run-out Table PU Door Shutter Machine

Table quantity

1 pcs*6m length

Door Shutter Forming Machine


Angle bar welded

 Spare part list PU Door Shutter Machine

Roller Bearing


Door Shutter Forming Machine

Machine manual tools


Operation manual




































































For further info, please contact with us!





Products Specefication

Un coiler:

Un coiler Type:


Loading capacity:

3 Ton

Roll Forming system with feed panel unit:

Axis Diameter:

50 mm

Forming Roller station:

36+1 Groups

Main Axis material:

First grade 45# steel heated and quenched

Roller material:

First grade 45# steel, Hard Chrome Coated, heated and quenched

Pillar size:

42*45 mm

Forming Speed:

10-12 m/min

Drive Type:

Gear box

Machine Frame stand:

Welded structural steel

Hydraulic Cutting Device:

Cutting type:

Servo tracking cutting

Cutting length tolerance:


Cutting system power:


PU Foaming Untit:

PU Foaming Machine:

A+B China good brand

Electrical System:

PLC system:


Length Controller:



Touch Screen





Run-out Table:

Table quantity:

1 pcs*6m length


Angle bar welded

Spare part list:

Machine Bearing:


Machine Chain:


Electrical Limit switch:


Machine manual tools:


Operation manual:


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