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What parts of the roll forming machine are included?

A roll forming machine, which comprises:

a frame including spaced apart substantially parallel side walls ;a plurality of sets of drive rollers in roll forming machine supported on said frame at spaced apart points along a predetermined path, each of said sets of drive rollers including an upper and a lower opposed drive roller rotatable about parallel axles, and axes of each set define a plane, at least one of said upper and lower drive rollrs being rotatably driven in roll forming machine;a plurality of pairs in roll forming machine of support rails supported between said side walls substantially parallel to said axes of said drive roller axles, each drive roller set having associated therewith a pair of support rails with each of said support rails of a pair being spaced apart from each other on opposite sides of said plane defined by said axes of said set of drive roller axles in roll forming machine, the ends of said support rails being spaced apart from said side walls and positioned on transverse bars connected between said side walls roll forming machine;a plurality of support blocks, each of said support blocks being slidingly mounted on and between one of said pairs of support rails roll forming machine;shim means for adjustably positioning said support blocks at selected positions along said support railsroll forming machine; and a plurality of forming rollers, each of said forming rollers being supported by one of said support blocks on axles having an axis lying in said defined plane each forming roller oriented to successively deflect sheet material transverse to its movement through the roll forming machine