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Roll Forming Line

Wuxi LOTOS roll forming machine manufacturers is a manufacturer leader in the production of roll forming machine systems and welcomes any profile to free design and produce small roll forming machine too, Firstly please send your drawing profile to our sales department then we do our best for you.

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New Roll Forming Machines

We as roll forming machine china have specialized in manufacture and design automatic production lines and machinery as your inquiry. besides roll forming machine for sale. LOTOSFORMING  roll forming companies supply you the suitable machine in accordance with your requirements and free design for new drawings.

Slitting line machine

steel Slitting Line

Roll slitting machine is a shearing operation that cuts a large roll of material into narrower rolls. in addition, rewind slitting the machine used is called a slitter rewinder and slitter or a slitting machine but names are used interchangeably for the same machines. that most importantly, however, this line can be adjusted to do recoiling or dividing work to meet customer’s demand



Cut to Length Machine manufacturers

steel Cut to Length lines

LOTOS  steel cut-to-length lines are sheet metal forming lines so use for the strip steel. in fact, The strip material first is transferred from the coil and second leveled and as a result cut-to-length and finally stacked. By combining components according to our customers’ specific production requirements. we design customized lines that provide optimum production capacity.

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LOTOSFORMING ROLL FORMING MACHINE MANUFACTURE in China has passed 15-year experience on producing Sheet Metal Roll Forming Machine in forming industry. LOTOSFORMING based on experienced engineers ability and performance, each year designed and build more than 100 new metal roll forming system.

LOTOS knows how the roll forming machine works, and according to customer’s profile drawing, we offer solution by rolling machinery to reach customer’s roll forming machines advantages and replace from old manufacturing method. To reduce cost, saving time and energy, to form profile continuously.
LOTOSFORMING already installed more than 2,000 china roll forming machine and equipment successfully in 80 countries from all of the world. As you know, year by year, more industries(vehicles, automobile, energy, transportation, airline, train and subway) join to roll forming line users, no any limitation to roll forming machine applications.

Roll Forming Machine Design

Compare china roll forming machine manufactures, LOTOSFORMING do produce all main parts(roller, shaft, upper roller, down roller, support roller, pillar, leveling roller, cutting die, roll forming machine structure, decoiler) in own workshop. To check, step by step, the workpiece parts production process according to LOTOS design standards by our QC department.

So we suggest you to visit Firstly Roll forming machine manufactures in Germany, India, Italy, Spain, U.K, and then travel to China to see roll forming machine manufactures in China. At last, come to LOTOSFORMING manufactures in WUXI City,China. To compare quality, delivery time, and Roll Forming Machine Price.

Roll Forming Machine For Sale

LOTOSFORMING is professional manufacture for roll forming roller and roller forming machine design. LOTOS produce any type of roll forming system. Hereby, we may introduce some machines to you as below:

(1) Purlin Roll Forming Machine: C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine, U Purlin Roll Forming Machine, M Purlin Roll Forming Machine, W Purlin Roll Forming Machine. Purlin Roll Forming Machine has improved in LOTOS Roll Forming Manufactures these years to auto-change, heavy duty forming line.

(2) Channel Profile Roll Forming Machine: Steel Stud Roll Forming Machine, Unistrut Channel Roll Forming Machine, Solar Panel Roll Forming Machine, storage rack Roll Forming Machine, custom channel metal Roll Forming Machine.

(3) Garage, House, Warehouse Doors Shutter and Profile: Garage Door Roll Forming Machine, shutter slat making Roll Forming Machine, sectional door Roll Forming Machine, PU Foam Roll Forming Machine, automatically rolling up and down your doors, LOTOSFORMING always available to calculate and design suitable Roll Forming Machine for you.

(4) Inside door and window profile: fire proof window and door profile Roll Forming Machine, anti-thief door frame Roll Forming Machine, inside door frame making machine, and so on.

(5) Sheet panel Roll Forming Machine: glazed tile Roll Forming Machine, deck floor Roll Forming Machine, flashing and gutter Roll Forming Machine, Double Layer Roll Forming Machine for corrugated and wall panel.

(6) Sheet metal Processing: steel cut to length line in various steel coil width and thickness. Steel slitting line in different speed and slitting line specification.

Portable Roll Forming Machine

We also produce portable roll forming machines for convenient customer panel producing: Nowaday, in the world, for reduce cost and time, customer search for portable metal roof roll forming machine for sale. To produce metal deck or roof/wall panel on construction land. Meanwhile, LOTOS design and produce small roll forming machine for users with limited space.

LOTOSFORMING is leading roll forming industry in China for design roller and roll forming machine for other cooperators. We may build up future all together.

Roll forming Systems Machine

LOTOSFORMING china roll forming machine manufacturer can produce a variety of Roll Forming Machines are Mostly use in the construction industry. furthermore, you can find details of roll forming machine for sale here. The Roll Forming Machine is ideal for producing parts with long lengths or in large quantities. It can also produce parts of multiple lengths from the same tooling. Virtually any material that can be formed using sheet forming techniques can also be roll formed. Roll forming may also be an excellent solution whenever the consistency of the cross-sectional profile is critical.

Matching up with industrial requirements of the customers, we are manufacturing Roll Forming Machine in any kind.LOTOS company attributes himself success to some things:

  1. Quality of our roll forming machine
  2. The regularity to deliver roll forming machine
  3. High stability and advantage of the roll forming machine
  4. Changed specifications roll forming machine as per customer requirement
  5. Best competitive roll forming machine price

Roll forming was a major contributor to the widespread use of coated sheets for building panels. Roll forming remarkably increases panel stiffness, provides an improved architectural appearance and disguises joining seams. The process of roll-forming metal building panels is conceptually straightforward, but it must be well understood and controlled to be successful.

Roll Forming Process :

Roll forming is a process that developed by gradually bending the metal through a series of roll stands, or passes. Each stand must produce the appropriate amount of deformation for which it was designed. when roll forming problems occur, it is important to examine each stage of the process and not merely the stand at which the problem initially appears.

The goal of a roll forming operation is achieved when there is uniform metal deformation throughout the line. Roll formers are designed to be reasonably during the operation. If run “popping” throughout the operation, the operation needs to be investigated.
Two basic types of roll forming systems are utilized: a pre-cut line and a post cut line. A pre-cut line snips the incoming material to a specific length prior to roll forming. During post cut line operation, the roll formed panel runs continuously and is sheared to the required length after roll forming.

In home page LOTOSFORMING site you can see the most machine from best Steel roll forming machine manufacturer in China.

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Description: LOTOS FORMING is specialized in producing Roll Forming Machine. we Design the best roll forming machines with you in mind.

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